Just give me a pocket mirror to look at the world.

but luckily no name on the screen and Ward didn’t know about the trackers, so hopefully she really thinks she left (but that also much sad)

Right right right! This is much better. Skye is smart; she wouldn’t forget that part like I did. And hopefully Skye also remembers that other time when May did something that felt like she was abandoning Skye to the wolves but turned out to know Skye better than anyone thought and she was actually looking out for them all, and Skye remembers to believe Melinda May.

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wait wait wait wait so

Skye knows Ward killed Koenig. And that every time she asks where he is, Ward tells her he’s off in this place or doing that thing. 

Ward also told Skye that May left. Just walked off. So based off the above, Skye probably thinks, logically, that Ward killed May

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cheshirecat512 asked: ""let me give you a hillary clinton plushie" STOP WHY NOW I'M HAVING FEELINGS ABOUT LITERALLY EVERYTHING you're horrible and it's lovely"

You’re previous and I want to give both you AND Diane Hilary Clinton plilushies

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Our neighbors are bad and party loudly sometimes so A kicked over our trash c an on the way home and whispered loudly ‘I hope you have finals’

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"No one likes Eeyore as a bartender."
— A
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But consider an insecure Skye.

A Skye who doesn’t know why she keeps being moved from house to house, who doesn’t understand why no one wants to keep her more than a few months.

A Skye who can’t make friends because she’s constantly moving and the other kids move on.

A Skye who knows it’s her fault, it has to be, because why else was she so undesirable that everyone kept returning her to the orphanage?  The only link between her various foster families (that she could see) was her.

A Skye who, even as the months go by, hears a nagging little voice say he doesn’t love you.  Miles says it often, but the doubt never goes away.  A Skye who cannot believe that it’s been two years and he’s still by her side.

A Skye who joins the bus doubting she’ll stay long, thinking that they probably don’t even like her anyway.  A Skye who gets back in touch with Miles because that is the longest relationship she has every had and she cannot give that up for a group of people she just met, who probably don’t even like her.

A Skye who, upon hearing that she is an 0-8-4, cries not only for the people who she killed (it was her fault, if she hadn’t been there they would have lived), but also for her ruined life, for SHIELD not letting her have a childhood, for the parents and friends she never had.